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Light-dark Indoors Non-Painting Mouldings

Light-dark Indoors Non-painting Mouldings

Would you like your wood to be of a light or dark colour?

Light-dark Indoors Non-painting Mouldings – Lighter woods create a more open, airy feel that makes even smaller rooms feel spacious. The extra light that paler woods reflect also helps this. Darker woods such as Walnut or Sapele, on the other hand, bring a weight to the room that can make the space feel smaller than it is.

Out of all the considerations in designing a new space, the choice of which type and finish of wood can be a huge one. Aside from the many considerations of the wood itself, colour is huge. Light or Dark Indoors Not Painting Mouldings?

Going light or dark with wood can create an entire vibe throughout, and determines what you’re able to do with your space. For instance, you don’t want dark walls with dark wood unless you are creating the Bat Cave. And light wood with light colors may feel more cottagey than you’re wanting.

If deciding on a light or dark wooden floor then another tip is that light timber floor is the better choice for a room with a lot of traffic. So, you will find that a dark timber floor easily shows up scuff marks, dent, and scratches. Light timber floors are more forgiving in hiding dust and dirt. Light-dark Indoors Non-painting Mouldings

So, while darker woods feel more traditional, lighter woods definitely have a more modern feel. Therefore it’s clear that natural woods are becoming the new neutral in interior design, and this design trend isn’t going anywhere as people embrace cozier spaces. Light or Dark?

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Light-dark Indoors Non-painting Mouldings

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