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American Black Walnut

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For luxurious premium furniture and cabinet making American Black Walnut is a very popular choice. Known for its signature dark brown appearance, Walnut brings a lot of warmth and classic appeal to a room’s decor. Walnut is a hard timber which has moderate bending and crushing properties. It has low stiffness and is good for steam bending.  Despite being very strong and durable you will find American Black Walnut is very workable and stable for machining. You can effectively enhance the rich tones in Walnut by treating with oils, varnishes and polish.

One of the key things to consider when using Walnut is that it isn’t particularly resilient to moisture. It is not advised to use Walnut in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms without treating to protect the timber. For any outdoor projects Walnut will start to perish as soon as it gets damp.

When you order American Walnut planed timber, you’ll receive a product which has been tailor-made to your exact specifications. Simply select the desired thickness, width and length, and we’ll use the state of the art machinery found in our mill and machine shop to cut it to suit your specifications.

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  • Cut to Size / Planed American Ash Timber

    American Ash is a strong wood with notable shock resistance. It is good for steam bending, and is predominantly used for interior furnishings, joinery, and sporting goods. Varying from a mellow white to a lighter shade of brown, this is a graceful timber which remains consistently popular.

    Ordering ash planed timber will see you utilizing a practical piece of wood which machines well, is good for nailing, screwing, staining, and polishing. You will notice only a small amount of movement in performance.

    The sapwood is almost white in colour and the heartwood varies from light brown to reddish-brown rather like European ash. but a little lighter in weight, about 670 kg/m³ when dried.

    Ordering American Ash Timber

    Ordering ash planed timber will see you utilizing a practical piece of wood which machines well, is good for nailing, screwing, staining, and polishing. You will notice only a small amount of movement in performance.

  • The tree

    • Also known as American Walnut, Black Walnut. 
    • Under favourable conditions, the tree attains a height of 30m and a diameter of 1.5m or more, the bole often being clear for 15m to 18m.
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