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American Cherry

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Ranging from a reddish-brown to a rich orange-red, American Cherry gives a luxury appeal to a room’s décor. It is a very popular timber which can be used for a variety of interior joinery and woodworking projects, including cabinet making, furniture, flooring and moulding. Cherry handles well machining and its rich tones can be enhanced with oils and varnishes.

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  • Cut to Size / Planed American Cherry Timber

    The timber is hard, with a fine, straight, close grain, the heartwood varying in colour from reddish-brown to rich red, the narrow sapwood being pinkish. Fine, narrow, brown-coloured pith flecks, and small gum pockets are a common feature of the wood, which weighs about 580 kg/m³ when dried.

    Typically certain species of American hardwood such as Cherry are shipped into the United Kingdom as FAS 1 face or better using the internationaly recognisied NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) grading rules, because they are fruit woods with much smaller trunks, more sapwood, more knots etc.

    FAS 1 face allows for only the best face to be 83% clear of knot and the reverse face 50% clear and sapwood is not considered a defect, especially in Walnut and Cherry.

    Ordering American Cherry Timber

    Ordering American Cherry Timber from Timbersource provides you with an attractive wood which machines well, is great for nailing and gluing, and polishes well once it has been sanded. It is dimensionally stable once kilning has occurred, but does dry with moderate shrinkage. The heartwood is resistant to both decay and – less so – preservative treatment, while the sapwood is vulnerable to attack from the common furniture beetle, unless properly treated.

  • What can Cherry be used for?

    American Cherry Timber is used for Joinery - Interior, Furniture and Cabinet Making, High Class Joinery, Kitchen Cabinets, Mouldings, Paneling, Flooring, Doors, Boat Interiors, Musical Instruments, Turning, Carving and many more.

    How strong and durable is Cherry?

    American Cherry has medium strength and is shock resistant. American Cherry is moderately durable and is resistant to heartwood decay. The sapwood is liable to common furniture beetle attack and the heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

    What are the physical properties of Cherry?

    American Cherry works fairly easy, turns well and takes an excellent polish. American Cherry machines well and is good for nailing and gluing, it also has a low stiffness and is good for bending properties.