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Canadian Western Red Cedar

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Canadian Western Red Cedar timber is popular due to its natural durability and pleasing aroma. This wood machines well, and then is excellent for gluing, nailing, and screwing. It also takes painting, staining, and polishing well, making it an extremely versatile wood.

Ordering Cedar from Wood2Size will provide you with a wood which, once machined, exhibits a variegated colour structure, running from a light straw to dark brown and red.

huja plicata is a large evergreen coniferous tree in the family Cupressaceae, native to the Pacific Northwest of North America. The soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain and few knots. extensively used for outdoor construction in the form of posts, decking, shingles, and siding. The appearance and aroma is valueable. It is also valued for its high natural resistance to decay. Framing and longwood in lightweight sailboats and kayaks commonly uses Western Red Cedar. Sandwich construction is often used in larger boats where it is between two layers of epoxy resin and/or fibreglass or similar products. It is about 30% lighter than common boat building woods, such as mahogany. For its weight it is quite strong but can be brittle. It glues well with epoxy resin or resorcinol adhesive.

Use Canadian Western Red Cedar for?

Construction of cladding uses Cedar wood as it is aromatic and rot resistant.

Western Red Cedar’s lightweight, strength, and dark, warm sound make it a popular choice for guitars, particularly among European guitar builders such as Lowden and Furch

Beehive components and Saunas throughout Europe and America use Western Red Cedar.

Used in the construction of windows and doors and cladding.

Simply enter your sizes that you’d like your Western Red Canadian Cedar timber, and we’ll plane it to suit what you need. 

Canadian Western Red Cedar

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  • The tree

    The Tree is the largest of the so-called cedars, it grows to a height of 45m to 75m with a diameter of 1m to 2.5m.

    The timber

    The Timber: the sapwood is narrow and white in colour, and the heartwood is reddish brown. When freshly felled, the heartwood often displays a marked variation in colour; that from the centre of the log may be a dark chocolate-brown changing to salmon pink nearer the sapwood, or the wood may be variegated with alternate dark and light zones. After conventional high temperature kiln drying, the wood assumes a uniform reddish brown tone, but after long exposure to weather the colour is lost and the wood becomes silver-grey. This weathered appearance is sometimes purposely sought by architects, but a further peculiarity of the wood is its ability to take and hold stain of the finest tint without discolouration.

    Strength and Durability

    It is a lightweight and soft timber which contributes to low strength properties and compared with European Redwood (Pinus sylvestris) it is some 20 to 30 percent inferior in bending strength, and about 15 percent less stiff. It is also much less resistant to splitting and indentation on side grain than redwood.

    It is durable, long lasting, particularly when properly treated.

    Physical properties

    Very durable, high resistance to warping, twisting and checking.

  • What is the best softwood for cladding?

    The right look for cladding your house can be subjective but the king of cladding softwoods has got to be Canadian Cedar. Top tip is watch out for Western Red Cedar which refers to both the Canadian and also the British which are two very different animals. Canadian is a lot clearer of knots and is so durable that it will last for many years. It's very lightweight, stable and easy to work with making it the joiners choice too. Its reputation means it can command a high price. cedar is also used for Saunas and an interesting fact about cedar is that it can be used in wardrobes as it can repel moths.

    What can Cedar be used for?

    Canadian Western Red Cedar Timber is used for: cladding, decking, joinery exterior, fences, gates, lattice, planters, trellis, arbors, gazebos and much more. Canadian Western Red Cedar timber is imported 'green' ie not dried, due to the fact that more of it is used externally and it can be seasoned quickly for interior paneling.

    How strong and durable is this timber?

    Canadian Western Red Cedar is lightweight and soft timber contributes to low strength properties and compared with European redwood (Pinus sylvestris) it is some 20 to 30 per cent inferior in bending strength, and about 1 5 per cent less stiff. It is also much less resistant to splitting and indentation on side grain than redwood. Canadian Western Red Cedar is durable, long lasting, particularly when properly treated.

    What are its physical properties?

    The timber works easily with both hand and machine tools, but its relatively brittle nature, which can cause splintering during some operations, and its soft character, which can lead to chip-bruising, usually means that care is needed in order to obtain the best results during mortising, planing and moulding. A good finish can be obtained, but cutters must be kept sharpened. Canadian Western Red Cedar is very durable and has high resistance to warping and twisting. Fine dust may be irritant. It's an acidic timber which may corrode metals under damp conditions and cause iron staining.