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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the questions our customers frequently ask us about timber (FAQs). Because there are many variables with wood and it can be a complex material to plan for in your projects. So we pride ourselves on being project led and customer focussed. This simply means we don’t make assumptions or rush you into making a payment without checking on what you are planning to do with the timber. The below wood FAQs can help answer a few of the common questions and make things easier in the first instance. Get in touch with our helpful team If you still have any questions and you want to discuss your project with us. There’s no such things as silly questions if it helps to reassure you.

FAQ on a wooden block

What’s the best wood for garden furniture?

Iroko is the top choice for durability, availability and attractiveness (it can range from a golden yellow to a dark brown when planed, even within the same piece) Iroko answers a lot of frequently asked questions for those who have a garden furniture project.

What’s the best wood for exterior painting?

Sapele is a porous external timber that holds paint very well.

What’s the best wood for internal cladding?

Redwood Pine is lightweight, stable and easy to paint.

What’s the difference between American and European Oak?

American Oak is lighter and generally used for internal panelling, skirting and architrave whilst European Oak is slightly darker and denser, with more varied uses internally and externally.

What’s the difference between Canadian and British Cedar?

Canadian Cedar is more durable and aesthetically pleasing, with a reddish-orange colour, whilst British Cedar is more pale and heavily-knotted but more cost-effective.

Does timber change colour?

Most timber will “silver-down” over the course of it’s life with constant exposure to natural light.

Do I need to treat Douglas Fir?

North American Douglas Fir is a naturally durable timber and does not need to be treated. The same applies for Iroko, Sapele, Siberian Larch and Canadian Cedar, though you can apply a UV-protection oil to help keep the timber’s natural colour.

What wood machining options are available?

We can cut rough sawn boards to width or plane them smooth, as well as make jointed worktops and add moulding or cladding profiles.

How long does it take to machine wood?

Delivered next working day, we frequently get questions asking if we can deliver your wood yesterday, while we haven’t quite mastered that we are proud to say we aim to have your wood with you tomorrow.

Another Frequently Asked Question

We receive other questions such as Who are Timbersource Limited?

Wood2Size is a trading name of Timbersource Limited. Timbersource Limited was originally setup to help supply a wide variety of businesses. From Joiners, Builders, Carpenters, Construction, Museums and International Shipyards to Musical Instrument makers, Flag Pole Manufacturers, and Vehicle Component Manufacturers. Because of its success over its initial years and in answer to frequently asked questions, Timbersource enhanced its support to the trade by offering machining services. Which included Planing, Tongue and Groove, Parallel sawing and Beam cutting. Additionally as this offering became so popular we were able to extend this service nationwide using various modern logistics methods. Because of this Timbersource was also able to be one of the early adopters of enabling customers to order their bespoke timber online. This was instantly a huge benefit to trade and domestics users alike.

Use our project guide or have a look through our available species if these FAQs don’t answer your specific question. You could also simply contact us by your preferred method.

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