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Enter your size and choose your wood species for planed all round, cut to length wood delivered to you within the next working day if ordered before midday the previous working day and within mainland UK.

How can I buy planed timber?

So, we have got you covered, enter sizes and buy your timber smooth, square edged and regular. So in a few simple steps, buying your timber planed all round (PAR) is easy.

  1. Enter sizes (finished sizes) you want – thickness and width in millimetres and length in metres
  2. Select the wood species
  3. Pay securely

What is PAR wood?

Planed All Round otherwise known as PAR or PSE (Planed Square Edge) Is machined so that the four surfaces and edges will be planed to a smooth surface and uniform thickness. So if planed is preferable for you, simply ‘request’ it as part of your timber order, and enter sizes after planing.

Enter sizes, but why do you need to plane timber?

  • Sawn timber from sawmills is rarely perfectly straight – Enter sizes and Planed All Round (PAR) will make it straight
  • The sawmills only plank timber roughly from the tree and remove the waney edge – PAR will make it parallel
  • Square edged parallel timber is essential for jointing together on the sides or corners to avoid gaps or irregular angles
  • Taking off the rough surface will reveal any imperfections, splits, character, knots, holes – PAR will highlight any of these
  • Planing the rough surface makes the timber smooth and ready for sanding
  • You can’t paint or stain rough sawn timber effectively
  • Planing makes timber suitable for shelving, homemade furniture and flooring as well as a vast range of other products

Should you require your wood machined with a certain profile or you are unable to find what you are looking for, then visit Timbersource Limited and enter your sizes.

If you would like to select a piece of wood directly from our stock then try our Timber Selector.

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